With an initial training in biology, I also spent three years training to become a psychotherapist but I did not follow these formal courses professionally. I have a strong capacity for self-taught learning and this is how I have practised many different professions in equally varied contexts.

I have been passionate about HTML since 1997, and for a long time I worked as a web project manager / webmaster and community manager, in a private company and then as a freelancer. During this period, I always participated in associative, company, collective or personal projects in parallel to my more « classic » professional activity. After a severe burn-out, I gave up my professional activity to devote myself solely to these activities that I had previously considered as « secondary ».

Since 2015, most of my voluntary and paid work has been focused on the digital commons. The commons are an economic and political form of resource governance by a community of resource users. It is a « third way » full of hope and interest to build a sustainable alternative to a society torn between « more state » and « more private ». As an individual, as a citizen, as an economic actor… I am tired of « fighting against », I prefer « acting for » and it is through the commons that I believe I can do it.

More about the commons…

Since 2022, I have been carrying out these activities in the framework of a French Cooperative of Activities and Employment (CAE) dedicated to social innovation and digital technology: Optéos. In addition to the very special status of employee-entrepreneur, which is perfectly suited to my need for autonomy, the atypical contributory functioning of this CAE corresponds perfectly to the idea I have of life « in common ».

What I propose

My main skill lies in the production of writings, combined with analytical and synthetic skills. I have a strong tendency to seek an overview of the networks I am part of, which helps to link and animate the different actors.

Depending on the mood, I am not averse to spending time on data entry, mapping, data gardening and management activities which, although they may seem tedious, are nonetheless an excellent way of regulating an easily anxious temperament.

I particularly enjoy accompanying individuals and structures in the knowledge of themselves and in the formulation of this identity. I listen actively and then write down what I have heard, adapting to your objectives: writing a social code, a FAQ, wiki pages, a presentation on your website, interviews, blog posts,…

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Oh! And I also enjoy writing and photography. But it’s a different story